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   Her students call her Miss. La Glenda Reed, the Founder of Self Esteem Inc., a non-profit organization that specializes in self-esteem training for adult women and children. Miss. Reed was voted the “Most Outstanding Instructor” for Barbizon, in Phoenix, Arizona where she taught professional modeling for five years. Miss. Reed, previously graduated from Plaza 3, professional school of modeling that focused on high fashion, and the Bobby Ball Talent Center for professional film acting. Throughout her career she modeled fashions for Bodacious Productions of Scottsdale, Arizona and was the Miss. Supreme Girl Pageant winner, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Miss. Reed’s career as a model and hopes of becoming an actress was short lived when she left Arizona her native state and relocated to Louisville, Kentucky where she birthed, a new innovative concept to build one’s self esteem at St Stephens Baptist Church under the direction of Dr. Rev. Kevin Cosby. She also acquired a Real Estate License and developed a strong interest in housing and urban development after working with her mentor, Dr. John Gilderbloom, Professor and CEO, of the HANDS program, University of Louisville, Kentucky.

Miss Reed, graduated from the University Of Louisville, Kentucky, with her bachelor’s degree in Education. The concept for her to build one’s self esteem, inspired her to create three Curriculums, Pre-Teen/ Teen, Adult- Pro and the Male Image Program. In December of 1992, her program was licensed by the Kentucky State Board of Proprietary Education. In Louisville, the bulk of Miss. Reed’s client base consisted of eleven middle schools for the Jefferson County School System, and five community centers for the City of Louisville. She then formed a partnership with the Kentuckian Girl Scouts, at that time under the direction of Deborah Barnes-Byers, who at that time Membership Specialist for Kentuckian Girl Scouts.  Miss Reed has branched out to other cities in Long Beach, San Diego, California, and Miami, Pompano Beach Florida. Ms. Reed continues to cultivate community partnerships through several Civil Rights efforts for major causes that effect Children, Families, Education and Poverty. She is an active member of the Poor People's Campaign, and a strong advocate for Parental Alienation Awareness and Housing Urban Renewal. Currently Ms. Reed is working on a Masters Degree in Education and every Thursday from 3:00-8:00 p.m. she teaches her self esteem program, financial literacy classes  and offers academic tutoring for children with learning disabilities at

 2500 Montgomery Street Suite 9, Louisville, KY 40212 

Miss Reed divides her time between Louisville, Kentucky, Providence, Rhode Island and Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Due to Covid-19 she activly travels to raise money so that her program can continue to exsist.

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